a bad daughter


Have tea with Mom this afternoon.

Passed the menu to Mom after getting a seat.  She asked me to choose first.  I wanted to let her choose first.  Just to be respect.   I couldn’t understand at first.   But then she told me embarassingly she couldn’t read those words on menu……  So I read the menu to her while trying to hold the tears.  Pretended it’s nothing……..

I didn’t realise Mom needs glasses to read now. Those words on menu were too small.  Mom is getting old.

I am scared.  Just like waking up in sweet dreams.  I don’t want Mom getting old though obviously she walks slower and easier to get tired now.

I am such a bad daughter, BAD DAUGHTER!


6 thoughts on “a bad daughter

  1. You’re not a bad daughter. How could you know your mother had trouble reading the menu…you deferred to her out of respect.

    There’s also nothing for your mom to be embarrassed about. As far as I can tell, we ALL will get older (if we are fortunate) and eventually most of us will have problems reading menus with smaller print. =)

    You can be an extra good daughter by reassuring your mom that getting old is nothing to be ashamed of and her renewed strength lies in her children like you who look out for her. =)

  2. it doesn’t make you a bad daughter to want what u want. it just means that it is now a different phase of life that you have to accept. the fact that you are now an able adult and she is an aging parent. embrace it and love the fact that now you may have to and can do things for her.

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