would you put your bf in jail?



Remember that lady checked her bf’s mobile phone and even used his account to send messages to his friends?

She never stopped doing that.  Was just the beginning.  

This time she “pretended” to be an “angel”.   Sending messages to warn her bf’s friends, telling them her bf is a jerk.   She said her bf is in jail now as he stolen her money.   Oh god!  Will be Christmas soon.  How can she send her bf in jail?    And at the end of message, she reminded her bf’s doesn’t have his phone with him.   

What kind of “lady” is she?  It is so annoying.  If her bf is such a jerk why she still staying with him and trying to scare away “female’ friends of her bf?  And keep emphasis she is his gf?   

I started to worry about my friend.  No matter he has stolen money or in jail.  Looks like his gf is an insane……..


13 thoughts on “would you put your bf in jail?

  1. Lol, she is crazy! Very possessive and definitely thinks she isn’t good enough to keep him around.. And she’s right about that

  2. life’s rule of thumb… keep private affairs PRIVATE. posting negative things for people to read about would only reflect your personality in a negative way, no?

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