Trust and respect



Have you ever spy and checked your partner’s messages or emails?  

Once you started to do that, there would be no return.  

I don’t understand this kind of act.  

If have questions or doubt your partner, why not talk to each others openly?

Even worse if tried to get any “hints” from your partner’s “friends”

Using your partner’s account or mobile sending “warning” messages to “suspect”?

What were expected from such stupid acts?  

It is really ridiculous.  

Poor thing!

Please respect others and YOURSELF!

Relationship is built on trust and respect.


6 thoughts on “Trust and respect

  1. Sneaking into one partners accounts behind their back is evidence of a shaky relationship.

    That said, jealousy and doubts are part of being human, but they need to be dealt with in a mature way.

    With regard to email or phone contacts, I think privacy should be respected at all times, but I also think neither person in a relationship should have any issue if the other one asks to look at their phone or email contact list. There should be no “sneaking/snooping” but direct discussion of any concerns.

  2. Well said. Reminds me a recent dispute had about setting a phone password. I like having a password on my phone and the other person was saying how they had nothing to hide therefore no password needed – _- gah. Again give respect to people.

  3. let’s hope none of us will ever get to that point. our partner must have done something seriously wrong to have us to do such thing.

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