The best Christmas gift in my mind



Christmas is a season to share happiness and loves.  So the first priority of gifts should be “warm”

Here is my gifts list

1) scarf

Better to be hand- knit one.  Wearing my scarf just like having my arms wrapping around your neck.  So close and warm.  And being with you lol

2) shower gel and lotion



Nothing is better it reminds you of me when taking shower!  So intimate……so sweet.  

The fragrance of body lotion filled with your bedroom and you under the blanket.  Last for whole night.  So romantic right?




This is for those who loves hi-tech stuff.  Who spent most of time on internet and smartphone.   

What about your list?  Wanna share?

5 thoughts on “The best Christmas gift in my mind

  1. im bad when it comes to gift buying. and so i would always settle with a gift voucher. something that i would always prefer, as i always get presents i don’t need when people buy me gifts. but the best gift i would like to get is being treated with a lunch or dinner, as food always makes me happy 🙂

      • yeah. presents are definitely more personal. but i never liked my gifts. im picky that way. n different from most people. so i always asked friends to just treat me with food. plus i get to spend time with them.

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