another weird conversation


D: Hi gorgeous, I am D.  How r u?

M: Hello D, I am good thanks.   How are u?

D: U sooo pretty darling.  U have bf?

M: Thanks.  Single.  No bf.

D : Really?

Cool.  Ever been married?  have kids?

What’s your job darling?

M: Never married.  No kids.

D: When last time u had bf?

M : Are you an interviewer?

D : So u rich girl?

Ever have Gwelio bf?

Maybe I can be your sugar daddy?

I am rich.

M:  But you are not old enough to be a sugar daddy!

D:  I gave ex gf 15000 month salary

M : so keep buying your girls

D:  ???

We were bf gf two years

M:  bf gave salary to gf?

D : yes

M : U think that’s bf gf relationship or u were buying that relationship?

D : It is whatever u want to call it.

She was happy and I was happy

So let’s meet darling?

U passed the interview…

M:  I don’t like being interviewed.

D:  Lets meet?

NO more questions then.

Interview over

M : As u said u are rich, there are lot of girls would like to meet you but I am not.

I am not going for a job interview sorry.

D:  No interview.  We just play and start bf gf

M:  Thanks for saying hi and thanks for letting me know u treat your gf like a staff.  Give her salary.

D:  What’s wrong with helping gf?

M:  Nothing wrong.  Just don’t like what you think.   Giving “salary” to your gf.  You gave me a bad impression.

D:  Ok I gave her help.

Don’t be silly gorgeous.

It’s just a word

U see me tomorrow 12pm?

Darling, I’m good man…

I be good bf for u, if u make me happy happy.

Let’s play tomorrow.

If we like each other, we can try bf gf.  If not, then u have wasted two hours

M:  My advice is find a younger girl, they love rich man and also, love to play games.

D:  No play games.  Just play in hotel.  Ok?

A guy said he was from NYC with poor English.  Trying to use money to set up a trap.  

Wonders who would fall in that trap?  

Well, no harms for those looking for fun.  Might be just me who are too serious?

P.S.  What D mentioned is in HKD, roughly USD1950only…..

6 thoughts on “another weird conversation

  1. Lol, so weird, funny, and potentially dangerous! First of all, anyone who was REALLY paying their “gf” $15k/mo wouldn’t have to cruse the net in search of new “staff”. They would just place an ad and let those types who’d be interested line up to meet him.

    Next, what he is doing is basically seeing if you’d be his call girl/escort/prostitute/mistress, but doing it in nice flowery language.

    You’re obviously too smart to fall for that, but unfortunately some folks do. My guess is he would either con a women for sex, or worse hurt of kidnap her.

  2. “I gave ex gf 15000 month salary” is the point where I would say “OK. Goodbye.”

    Also, like @soulfire said, someone that actually paid $1500 wouldn’t have to look on the internet like this.

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