wearing bras or not?


Are they necessary?

Plains, colorful, with laces, sexy, princess one……….

For me it’s a kind of fashion.  Have to match my clothes……..Better come with a set.

Of course, need to be comfortable.  

They are so expensive, even more expensive than the outer tops…..

Recently, people are debating bras can’t help to maintain the perkiness but the opposite.  

Check out this article if you are interested in


Regardless it’s function, I think sometimes bras are not for wearing but taking off 😉


13 thoughts on “wearing bras or not?

  1. some women should wear them for they look better than having their boobs hanging down to their belly. others can get away not wearing them depending how firm or perky they may be. also it can depend on their size. but it seems that getting a correct fit is a big problem. and, why do they cost so much!? to me, there are times to wear and times not to wear, but they should be well fitting and if any of it shows, it should be sexy/classy. to me, nothing is worse seeing a well dressed woman and then seeing bra straps, especially the back strap.

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