Fake people on dating sites



Photo, name, age, country

Everything on the profile is faked!


Wanted to collect others information?

Wanted to fool others?

Wanted to attract more people?

Wanted to ?????

sorry I can’t think of any more reasons.  

It is meaningless to start anything on a faked ground.  

A guy wanted to meet me in real after chatting for several months.

All lies have been revealed.

Who wants to meet someone faked and lied?

If you are so scared of disclosing your information online,  just stay away from internet.

I am so so so disappointed.  

Why, why, why, why using a fake profile?!   





10 thoughts on “Fake people on dating sites

  1. One big reason of online fraud is to rob people. There are many cases of people pretending to be people they are not to get the other person to fall for them and give them money. I guess you would call that a love con.

    Another reason is the person wants to hide something, and think they can sweet talk you with their personality into forgetting they gave you false information, which sounds like what you experienced. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of it working. The person “catfishing” doesn’t realize that one can’t try to start a relationship with lies and expect a good outcome.

    It’s mega dumb to lie because as you said if you meet all will be revealed. Of course this just deals with looks, lies about personality, job, living location can all be lied about as well and take longer to be found out.

    • well, I came across the first kind of fake people too. They said will come here but can’t carry so much cash with them. And asking you helped them to keep money and something like that. That’s stupid.
      haha second case, no sweet words….. just daily chat which made me feel he is real lol
      Right. It takes time to get to know a person. Those who lie is mega dumb!!!!!!

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