Broke up or get him back?!


It was likely to be the last trip.

What?!  Last time together before breaking up?  Who needs such kind of trip?  What for?

She was trying to say good words for her bf.  Said she didn’t want to see him being tortured by long distance relationship.  Said he loved her so much.  She couldn’t stand seeing him in pain.

Two weeks later, they broke…….

My friend “Y” is so sad and hurt.  Chatted with her on Skype.  She was crying……

Poor girl.

Y still said good words for the “boy”.  Yes, her ex is 15 years younger than her……

Not the first time they broke.  Last time, the boy said broke up due to miss Y so much.  He couldn’t live without her around.  I told Y, might be he had a new gf around…….

Then, they were back together.   And “planning’ the break up trip……


Today, Y was crying again.  She said her ex cheated her.  And she scolded him, asking him to Fxxx that girl again…….

I told Y, she wouldn’t contact him again if she really thought he didn’t worth and wanted to get rid of him……

I think Y still wanted to draw her ex attention and wanted him back.  She cared about him….

So she stay in touch with him.

That’s my cruel conclusion to the conversation.

Will you stay in touch with someone who you wanted to break up with?



10 thoughts on “Broke up or get him back?!

  1. That’s sad.

    If you’re stuck in a cycle, you should try to break out of it and move on.

    For me, I think whether or not I stayed in touch with someone I wanted to break up with would depend on the how and the why.

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