bright or pale colour?

Bright, dark, pale or rainbow?

I like colors with big contrast or pale one.  Was difficult in deciding the color for walls.

Colors with big contrast like “orange vs grey” or “red vs green” are so energetic.  But finally, I picked pale colour finally.  Snow white green for living room, snow white pink for guest room and snow white blue for my bedroom.  

As for sofa, I was thinking to have an orange one but finally got a green one.


This is my friend’s new house.  I love the color.  And as there are many big windows and plenty of natural light can get in, I do think bright colors suit most.  

How about the bedroom?


Lovely too right?  except a bit messy….

What color you prefer for your flat?  


2 thoughts on “bright or pale colour?

  1. I agree. I love colors. Sometimes it depends on the architecture of the room – is it a box or do you have some odd walls to work with (a dormer, for example), It also depends on the furniture and how much you will put on a wall (lots of wall hangings allow for bolder colors like reds). If you don’t have a lot of light I would recommend pastels. Consider doing one wall in a bold color and the other three in a complimentary lighter pastel.
    Lots you can do to make ot different.

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