get mad?!

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See the whole conversation?!  Would you piss off if someone disappeared for awhile told you “Don’t want to bore you with too much chat”?

What an awful excuse.

Tell me, please tell me what you think?


4 thoughts on “get mad?!

  1. Personally, I’ve given up in making other people care about me. Although it’s normal to feel that they should care out of common courtesy, or because I cared about them in unequally larger amount than they did. In the end though, you can’t make someone care about you, if they don’t, they won’t.

    Life isn’t fair, I’m just glad when people care 🙂 treasure those people and don’t waste your time on the ones who don’t reciprocate!

    • haha I am too greedy. Wanted to get attention from the whole world. Wanted to get attention from those I cared in return though I understand what you meant. As life is short, really better not to waste time on those not worth =) btw, happy to see you on WP =)

      • It’s a hard lesson I learned last year. I begged the other person to care, out of obligation. But people get burned out, they feel burdened, they could really only care as much as they want to. So I just let it be now, if I want someone to care, I’ll care about them first in the way that they want. If they still don’t give me the attention I deserve, then I might as well give it up!

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