age over 28

Lunch hour in Central.   Crowded everywhere.

Had to share a table with two “gentlemen” working in a law firm.  Not my intention to listen what they were talking.  But the fast food shop was too crowded.  A gentlemen was complaining about being cheated by a girl who he was interested in.  He found out that girl just wanted to sell insurance……..blah blah blah.  Wish I had my headphone with me.  At least could enjoy my lunch with pleasant melody.    

A statement drew my attention.  One of the “gentlemen” said woman over “28” has no market.   oh really?  Is age that crucial in a relationship?  Suddenly, I reckoned why that “insurance girl” not choosing that guy.  Suddenly, feel sorry for those two “gentlemen”.   They are so shallow.  Feel sorry for their future girl friends as well.  


25 thoughts on “age over 28

  1. I agree! What shitty people to talk about women like they’re toys!People do get old tho, but if we keep smiling we won’t look our real age πŸ™‚  Especially since we’re Asian, haha.

  2. actually I think you’ve missed the boat and it’s clear that you don’t understand why those guys said woman aged over 28 has no market.

  3. It would be interesting to know how old the two men were, especially the one making the “over the hill at 28” proclamation. They did what you call “self-elimination” since they are focusing on shallow things.

  4. Did you just call out the poor dude who had a sloot cheat on him to sell some insurance? Strong female logic, you just defended a ho. Lol, you guys peak biologically around in your mid-twenties anyways. Why the hell would any man want to bang someone in their 30’s when they can easily get with someone younger, more attractive, and had less cocks in them? Oh, we’re talking about relationships? I love you, you love me, in sickness and in health, blah blah blah?Listen, a good woman is fucking rare these days, regardless of age, and I have standards. I don’t want a useless woman who whored herself in her 20’s, then suddenly decides “it’s time to settle down and marry.” No thanks madam, I don’t want any insurance today.

  5. @tweewin – I think you guys are old enough to tell if woman is interested in you or just wanted to make a deal?  What I felt was that “poor dude” wanted to make it as a “deal”  Buying insurance in order to exchange relationship……  When he found he was failed after buying lot of different kind of insurances, he wanted to complain.  Is that too childish?  All have her/ his own standard for love.  There is nothing wrong about that.  Love is mutual!  Good luck.

  6. @MichellelyNg – Oh, ok. Your initial post did not make that clear. So basically the guy was at fault for putting women on pedestals and expecting something meaningful from it. The woman is at fault for prostituting herself by means of selling insurance. The girl made some money, and the guy got his dick wet. Like I said, a good woman is fucking hard to find these days. That poor sap will learn from this lesson though. Next time, he’s keen to her traps and will date with a more discerning eye. Do ya’ll not use the word dude in HK? How about the word ya’ll? And why b/w for your profile pic, you have a wonderful banana complexion.

  7. @tweewin – I don’t want to disclose details of those guys conversation.  But merely expressed what I felt and thought only.  HK is an international city, we use all kind of words here.I like B/W or sepia photos.  

  8. I love that flower picture! Now as for women, a great woman has value at any age. In one sense, I can understand what they’re saying. As a woman or man get older, it could definitely become harder to find someone, but that doesn’t mean their value is diminished. If anything, the fault is on society, not the individual. That’s my opinion, anyway. And just to remind you, someone like you would always have value! πŸ˜‰

  9. 聽到都感到累了. 我今年26歲. 幸好早而脫離尼種環境. 現在身處的地方較為平凡簡單, 但半年都係冰天雪地, 人影都唔多個. 不過起碼唔洗再面對尼d社會既壓力. 唔可以左手又要, 右手又要既. 

  10. Guys are such douchebags. Even if it was true in their eyes, they should never say that in public especially when there’s a woman sitting near them. That’s just rude and unclassy. There is no market for men without manners.

  11. @MichellelyNg – She couldn’t argue her logic intelligently and regressed into name calling. No market for men without manners? No, how about some appreciation for people who are willing to express their views intelligently and constructively. I swear, sometimes I think strippers and whores are more honest than these pseudo-classy women.

  12. @tweewin – being honest is important.  So “no market for men without manners” can be a honest comment just like ” women over 28 has no market”.  But is it being express intelligently and constructively?  I am sure it will be another debate.  

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