during rainy days…..

Not knowing how to dance in the rain.  

But trying the best to face it.  

Hiding in a shelter and wait for the sun’s back?


Getting a transparent umbrella

Running outside

Listening the sound of rain hitting the umbrella

Watching the rain drops bouncing

Peering the world from the umbrella……




34 thoughts on “during rainy days…..

  1. i enjoy the rain and i rarely use an umbrella.  there is nothing like the sound of raindrops hitting my window as i lay alone in the dark.  rain reminds me that there is always a chance for something new.

  2. @MichellelyNg – under the covers is a great place to be during a thunder storm.  storms are great cuddling weather and other bedroom activities are even better when you have the soundtrack of thunder and lightning exploding above your head

  3. @MichellelyNg – I used to sleep 7 hours fourteen minutes  to seven hours fourty-eight minutes as my best average range of sleep minus annomalies.  now 20 years later ish or more i sleep far more….but less consistantly.  last night the night after a heavy sleep day of 18 hours minus necessary bathroom moments i got six anda half hours sleep… now if i’m good today I’ll be up for about 15-7 hours or til about 8:30pm mst  which isn’tquite the fullest day possible but should in theory reset me for a week where i can get some yard chores attended to… instead of maybe up all night long maybe not but one cant do as much about the outside of a home in the middle of the night.  thus getting 6.5hours is roughly 3/4 of what i currently on average get unless I’m processing sugar badly / ill and then i can sleep upwards of…18 hours straight….unless bladder interrupts.

  4. that’s a great shot.  as if peering through a glass ceiling.  you know, many in japan use a transparent umbrella.  not sure why the rest of the world isn’t catching up.

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