a little ducky

All are crazy about this yellow stuff!

Chasing memories of playing while bathing

Remember the “little ducky”?  

The little one turns to a well-traveled GIANT DUCK now. 

I was so excited!  Meeting my “old friend”  

He is waiting to meet everyone at fragrant harbour!

Almost wanted to take bath soap with me……..

Does it bring any happy and unforgettable memories back to you?  

Quack Quack…………


15 thoughts on “a little ducky

  1. I remember having a rubber ducky, and playing around with lots of toys in the bathtub. It was a lot of fun back then. Those are some big duckies!! The duckies are cute, and so are you! I love how happy you are in these photos! 🙂 Hope your Friday and weekend will be quackerific, haha! 

  2. I got attacked by a bird whose nest I got a little too close to yesterday (got it on video too lol), so I’m feeling more like drowning a duck than taking a bath with one today lol. That darn bird almost made me fall backward through my bedroom window lol!

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