Why lie?!

I can never understand

Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  

A lie will never be alone.  There are ton of lies following the first lie.

Use another lie to cover the previous one.

It will never ended!

Then, why not tell the truth but LIE?

Don’t pretend to be ignorant or naive!   “Lie with good intention” is nonsense!

You can choose not to tell but lying is not an option.

I will never forgive anyone lie!  

When you choose to lie, there is no return for being forgiven………..


13 thoughts on “Why lie?!

  1. how can you say this? everybody lies in their life, unless you can say that you’ve never lie in your life, then you’ve no right not to forgive others that lies.

  2. @y_tc – how can I said this?!  That’s freedom of speech.  And that’s why you can express your opinion here even I am totally disagreed.  I wouldn’t bet others forgiveness if I lied.

  3. i tell the truth because i have a terrible memory and even if i didn’t i would try not to lie.  i can’t get mad at people that do not realize they are lying.but there are some people that lie right to myself and i can usually tell when they arelying to me.

  4. I think many folks draw a distinction between “white” lies (tiny, inconsequential) and real lies that are of a darker variety for selfish gain or manipulation. A white lie example would be if someone gave you a gift you didn’t like, and they ask you how you like it- the white lie is to say you like it so you spare hurting the other persons feelings. Some may want the truth all the time no matter what, but to tell the absolute truth at all times is dangerous for people who really don’t want to hear or can’t handle the truth. Some will view negative information as a direct attack.

  5. I think honesty in general is the best way to go. There are rare cases where lying could be justified though. For instance, if you could potentially save someone’s life, than I think it would be justified. But, such cases are few and far between. As you said, if you tell one lie it will lead to more. So, it’s best to not even start. 

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