smell like princess

Morning, after work or at night?

Do you know what I am talking about?

Sure the photo gave you hints

Yes, I am talking about shower.

Normally, I take shower twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep.  

Need morning shower to wake me up.  Make me feel fresh and ready for a day

Need shower before sleeping.  Embraced by lovely smell.

No matter me, covers, or the whole bedroom.

That’s why choosing perfume shower gel and body lotion.  

Smell like a princess and hope being a princess in dreams too.

Don’t you love it too?!


19 thoughts on “smell like princess

  1. I do like that time in particular, too, so I like to make it extra special by timing it correctly, depending on what I got to do during the day, and by not over doing it. Kind of sound like a lot of work, now that i think about it, lol, but it leaves some space for me to look forward to it all the more, you know? =)I wonder what is your absolute Favourite type of shower gel? 

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