what will be will be

Sunflower, Rosa Chinensis or Morning Glory?

Should be able to tell from the seeds

But I don’t care.

What I knew is it’s going to be a kind of flower.

That’s enough.  

What will be will be

Why bother wasting time and effort to find out?


13 thoughts on “what will be will be

  1. Knowledge, perhaps, would involve chasing madly through botanical books to identify each seed; Wisdom is waiting and allowing the seed to express its own nature! You are most wise. (And very sweet; almost every time I read what you’ve written, I smile!) Thank you!

  2. @Zakuru – haha thanks for the compliment.  Actually, I am lazy 😛  Normally, I am a rush person.  Learning to slow down.  Happy that I could make you smile!  You are so kind.   Enjoy the weekend =)

  3. morning glory seeds taste like light sawdust and made me sicker than I can ever recall being in my life.  don’t find out the taste way…yes you”lll see stuff that’s not there but at great cost.

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