doctor with no advices

Requested a day off for a doctor appointment.  I have been anxious for three months.  As appointment with doctor three months ago, he said I had a new tiny nodule in my thyroid.  So arranged an urgent ultra sound test.  Went to doctor again for reports today.  

I am anxious for a tiny nodule because tiny cancer tissue was found in the right part of my removed tumour in thyroid.  Well, the right part has been removed more than 10 years ago. But I feel like there is a bomb in my body.  I scared to have any new nodules…..

Today, doctor asked what I want to do.   It was another doctor, not the same one I saw last time.  As it is a public hospital, I can’t request seeing same doctor each time.   I told him what I am worrying.  He said the best way is to remove the remaining part of thyroid.  Well, if that’s the best solution, why didn’t we do it ten years ago?  For me it’s not the best solution as if the whole thyroid had been removed, I had to take medicine everyday in the rest of my entire life.  

As a layman, I knew removing nodule is the best way to prevent it changing to bad tissue.  But is that necessary is my question.  He is a doctor, I should weight the situation and suggest ways of handling the case.  But he gave no advice.  Of course, I know nothing can guarantee.  But still he should advice something right?

I told him I don’t want to remove the remaining thyroid as I don’t want to take medicine everyday.  I saw him just marked down in record ” patient doesn’t want to remove the remaining thyroid”.  Well, so if any changes in future, that’s not his responsibility!  I feel bad after the appointment.  I left with more questions and more anxious.  

A bad day for me~~~~~~



16 thoughts on “doctor with no advices

  1. Wow..I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. If the tumor has been affecting your thyroid for a while, removal would definitely be the best option. If early, you may be able to treat it with radiologist’s instructions. 

  2. Ouch, I’m sorry! That’s a very bad day for you, especially when you have a history with something that serious! That doctor SHOULD have had a great deal more information and advice for you, as well as a couple of tests he should have had run! Most little growths of that sort are benign, but he should have checked, and brought a lot more info and a lot more sympathy to the appointment! I guess that’s another one that flunked “bedside manner,” even with patients not in a bed! Can you request a second opinion? I hope yours is nothing to be concerned about.

  3. @Zakuru – you are right.  I hope could get pros and cons advices from him.  Rather than just keep asking what I wanted to do.  Will seek advice from a Chinese doctor next week.  First time in my life seeing Chinese doctor….. Thanks =)

  4. Look into alternative treatments for the problem. I know an oncology nurse who researches cancer and treatments, so I view her as an expert on the subject. Start with improving your iodine levels in the thyroid. That may be the most critical aspect of fighting it. Avoid chemo or radiation at all costs.

  5. geez, sorry to hear of your bad day.  yeah, he should be able to provide more feedback on your situation.  suggesting alternative solutions and the plus and minus of each, BEFORE asking what you want to do.

  6. @MichellelyNg – Well, I would tell you that it’s probably just a little sugar lump, ’cause you’re so sweet, but I’ll bet you want a second opinion from somebody who has actually examined it, and run some tests, and might have a real diagnosis for you!  

  7. The patient has rights. You have the right to whatever care you want to receive, including medications. The doctor can prescribe to you his opinion, technically. I do agree he could have been a bit more paternalistic in this case, not like he was doing the operation.

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