One night stand

Still on dating site.  Love to get to know people around the world.  As I do really love travel!  Well, could be a bonus if could meet the right one in real and go further.

Last night two guys I just met online gave me OFFERS!  haha  both of them are tourists here.  One of them bragging, he had sex several times this morning with a local girl he first met last night.  Alright.  Might be not bragging but it didn’t mean every girls here is easy!

Have never tried one night stand.   One night is not enough! haha kidding.  Just not sure why have to sleep with a stranger.  Have friends looking for “friends with benefit”  So if I really want to sleep with someone, I can find them.  The only advantage of one night stand I can think of is “no one knows what u have done after that night”.   Looks like no responsibility. No commitment.  Nothing happened.  Have fun and then just leave?

Guess I won’t have one night stand unless that guy is George Clooney.

Have you tried one night stand?  Why or why not?


59 thoughts on “One night stand

  1. tried it few times.  not all it’s cracked up to be.  i was younger and curious and so it was a good experience to have.  but now that i think about it, it was rather dangerous.  i mean, you never know what might happened when it comes to strangers, especially when you have to visit their home, and none of your friends knew where you’ve gone to.

  2. @MichellelyNg – I try to be light-hearted and merry about love, but sometimes it’s a very sobering thing! I also can well believe you can be stubborn; there’s steel under that sweet exterior, and sometimes it kind of flashes through, just a bit!

  3. @MichellelyNg – that’s actually a good advice.  but lots of people out there think the same way, so they too may prefer to do it at their place.  some people prefer NOT to do it at home cause they don’t want strangers to know where they live.  it all depends on the individuals.

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