doesn’t matter

Sunrise or sunset?  It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoyed it.  

Photo was taken when I on my way to work…….

19 thoughts on “doesn’t matter

  1. Beautiful shot! I’m going to guess sunset, ’cause it just has a sunset feeling to me, but I could be wrong, and as you say, it doesn’t matter. Wonderful camera work! 

  2. @MichellelyNg – Not at all! You are lucky, to be able to see beautiful sunrises; I see plenty of sunrises on my way home from work, but here in L.A. they are VERY seldom beautiful! (The yellow-brown haze hanging over the city doesn’t do much for my eastward views, alas!)

  3. @MichellelyNg – Why thank you. I’m sorry to hear about the rain, but I’m sure beautiful things will come out of that, too! Fortunately I have seen a few beautiful sunrises in other places; I lived in  the Pacific Northwest for quite a while, up in Oregon and Washington, and there are many spectacular sunrises and sunsets to be seen there. Oh, and just incidentally, if you are ever travelling in the desert of Saudi Arabia and southern Iraq, and the sky seems to turn a beautiful golden color…take cover! The rain is about to pour down! The day I found this out, we also discovered that we had pitched our tent almost precisely at the lowest point in the vicinity, and had to dig very rapidly to channel water away from it!  

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