bitter and sour

We haven’t chatted for awhile

But we are still “friends”

Looks like I knew everything about your updates.  

I am not a stalker

Just “saw” your updates on FB.  

We would “like” others posts sometimes.  That’s it.

Feel bitter when I saw you were having holiday with a girl.  

Why bitter?  You and me are “friends”  only.

Am I too jealous?  I not a nice person?!  

I knew I should happy if you found your girl

i should wish you a sweet future

But I feel uneasy,  I feel lonely……….

I feel SOUR

12 thoughts on “bitter and sour

  1. in my chipper (happy) mood because I had this happened to me a real bummer time ago and worried over it laterly enough boo.  I recommend bitter melon.  why?  😀 because it’s just something about food that can heal us. why bitter melon? 😀 lol look it up it’s not the edible green slightly yellowing ones… it’s the wholly ripe yellow with big red tongue giving us the raspberry… yes mother nature pokes fun at us I thinks…crows tend to follow me them little black laughing bastards birds.  but take a giggling moment now and some western symbolisms – you slice bitter melon and it makes rings… or zeros… but lets us stick to rings of encircling us forever…and bitter.  now 😀 isn’t it comforting to imagine that as a food that’s warm and nourishing?  a little laugh that momma nat.  knows it don’t go always as we hope?  our together forever  of a circle around them  leaves the hole they escaped through?…  you could also just feel the bitter zero  with a sour sauce and laugh at feeling so low that someone long before you or throughout time before…. someone knew we’d feel a little lower. 😀  but the laughter is that it is known of.  and still others care and we will heal or rebound.. how cheerful it is already  because gee there is this thing that you have your life in the east of symbolism and I believe you folk like the color red for lucky 😀  so,just imagine the blessing it is to lose out on one we want.  why because they would be misery for us if we’d had them.  yeah yeah I know I thought that was a line of horse poop too when I hurted some over the loss of mine but really would you want someone who left you? yes but thats just more pain. 😀  hug to you. I hope you get after the joy you deserve.

  2. That picture really nailed it (if you’ll pardon the dubious pun), and “sour” is such an excellent description of the feeling! When that happens to me, I usually want to do something mean to the person who is suddenly “intruding,” even though I know that wouldn’t be fair! Hope you feel better soon, you’re way too sweet to stay sour for long! 

  3. @MichellelyNg – No, it wouldn’t work so well. But then, you don’t seem like a very confrontational sort, and there’s a lot to be said for that. If more people were as sweet as you, and just tried to avoid unpleasantness, there would be a lot less blood spilled needlessly in this world! I admire you for that.    

  4. jus passed by and wanna leave you a note as support… I’m going thru’ the same stage as you.. i guess.. I had “unfriend” my ex and also his closed friends… to avoid getting any update of his new on my newsfeed. It takes time to get used to take him out of the life but it is good thing to cut it sharp so that to clear and make up the mind to have a new start, and face the new challenge by ourselves. Cheers and don’t forget to love yourself much.. no matter how bitter and sour of our lives!

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