More than 10 thousands miles away

What led two people meeting each others?  

What tied two people together?


What broke the relationship?

Well, reasons were not important.  

The fact was future wouldn’t be made together but separately.  

Why asked for staying in touch then.  



8 thoughts on “broken

  1. @MichellelyNg –   oin place all what one is really after goes bust. caput, doesn’t work out.    … however I add to the line some ..often as a joke people throw food or pies or stuff… I said cake in the face.. or having fun…and to eat it too that trifling detail that what is the point of having cake or what one wants if one can not enjoy it?  why ask to stay in touch?  to keep the options open, just in case one’s plans do not work out as planned.  or why on earth after nearly 20 years did I facebook friend my second girlfriend? . some folks are also happy to coerse others by saying i don’t get what   curiousity.  some folks are darker and coerse whatever they want with the empty threat of hey new person see the merit in this old peron?  if i don’t get what I want I will drop you like yesterday’s news.  how is the new person to know if the threat is empty?  old relationships are best left unquestioned…past the obvious is it in fact “over?”

  2. @starmanjones – ok I would eat the cake and not waste it!  I think stay in touch = move on slowly.  Just leave hopes to others.  Anyway, who knows.  If she is yours, she will be yours no matter you have stayed in touch or not 😛  

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