Lab made ice cream

Obviously, it is ice-cream.  It was supposed to be mango gelato.

Take a closer look please.  Can you tell the differences?

Well, another chance

This one.. hmm…. guess you won’t think it’s a plant right?  

It’s chocolate with hazelnut.  

That’s the kitchen?  Or lab?  

Below is an article from “Time Out” magazine

It’s by no means an original gimmick but it’s one that Hong Kong has embraced nonetheless. Lab Made Ice Cream utilises extremely cold liquid nitrogen to rapidly freeze ice cream in a mere 60 seconds, resulting in the smoothest and creamiest ice cream in town. And it provides quite an entertaining presentation as well, with waiting patrons ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the billowing cold smoke emanating from the liquid nitrogen. The lines for this Tai Hang dessert spot can wrap corners but it’s worth the wait to snag a scoop of one of the many creative flavours Lab Made creates – particularly the HK crispy toast, purple rice and Horlicks with wheat germ, which are about as ‘Hong Kong’ as ice cream gets. 

Haha it’s lab made ice-cream

Frankly, taste so-so but the making process is entertaining.   I prefer ordinary “real” ice-cream.   It’s more like ice.  Not much cream texture……

Would you like to try?  

18 thoughts on “Lab made ice cream

  1. How fascinating! I can see how smooth it is, so just like a rock formation, rapid cooling resulted in very small crystals. Somehow I never thought of ice cream in those terms before. Wish I could try some. 

  2. though i would have loved to try it out, i have a feeling a regular gelato would always be a better option.  that mango gelato looks more like vanilla ice cream covered in caramel sauce.  and that chocolate hazelnut looks more like dark chocolate rocky road topped with either pistachio or green tea cookie crumbs.

  3. @rudyhou – haha you are smart.  that mango gelato got taste from the syrup only.  Or the taste of syrup was too strong.  Chocolate one didn’t taste like chocolate…. well, try once is enough 🙂  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good day =)

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