Start over?

What would you want to be if could start over? 

Would you still choosing the life you are having now?  Or you want something else?  

There are a few things I want to do 

1) Working holiday

If I just graduated, I would have working holiday around the world.  Saw how big the world is.  Met and experienced different kind of lives and people.  Definitely, no regret.

2) Air stewardess

Just a mean to make my dreams come true.  Travel around the world!  I am too old to be an air stewardess now.  So sad.  

3) Dancer

I love dancing since I am a kid.  I like using body language to express my feelings.  It is beautiful using your body to express feeling with music.  Your feelings just “flows’ with music.  No words needed.  

What about you?


6 thoughts on “Start over?

  1. I too wonder if it could have been different I just drowned a poor xangan on the subject.  I had a lot of moments where it was like they were forever turning points.  failing to get an adress from my first gal pal the only  one I really cant find anywhere , who’d she turn to be, many time not pusshing to get married, one time where it was a literal choice in directions north or south I went south to hell, jobs where i chose little things like staying or going,sometimes in something as simple as falling asleep at four waking up after dawn knowing I just “quit” what was a lame job anyways but cost me work for years. one fateful choice not to persue real college as in live away from home far away versus cheaper college close to home because such was my supposed station. one move which seemed fateful. but not romance related. once whether I should have been more romantic than i was but thought honor meant something when it reality it does but not what i thought.  may many turning points of my time really.  in fairness though like buddy says, it isn’t a regret so much I chose how I did I think integrity acknowledged I chose the right ways for me..just a bit of curiousity.

  2. I would have completed the college degree in elementary education when I first started it… some 35 years ago.  I did complete it… 29 years after I started it…. but the kids were so different and I was so different.  A true regret in my life.  I really believe I would have made an excellent teacher.

  3. @starmanjones – you have many turning points.  you have made many decisions.  I am proud of you as you have no regrets in your life as well.  And you are right.  I am curious too what if I made another decision, turn right instead of left.  Thanks for sharing.  Hugsssssssssss

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