It’s sitting at the bottom of drawer quietly

Found it beautiful still

Trying to retrieve memories

Seems there was a poignant story behind

Blur and distance couldn’t remember anything

Put it back into drawer

WAIT!  A “silent” voice.  Spooky

Saw a message at the back of postcard

Interesting.  Found my windy handwriting 

An un-send postcard………..regret or not?

What if it had been sent?

It doesn’t matter as that excerpt not in my memories anymore

It has been gone with time~~~~~~~

No “What if”

It is a beautiful postcard only.  Nothing behind.  Nothing in future.


P.S. it’s “The Suicide Cliffs of Saipan” on postcard





4 thoughts on “Postcard

  1. @I_love_Burma – yes the name is scary with scary history.”Suicide Cliff is so named because Japanese civilians and soldiers jumped off of the cliff to their deaths during World War II to avoid surrendering to the American soldiers. There is a lookout at the top of the cliffs offering breathtaking views of the crashing waves below. There are also many Japanese memorials with beautifully engraved stones and manicured lawns ideal for somber reflection.”  Information from a travel guide “Saipan Explorer”

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