dare to take a test?

It’s an A-Level test.  Shouldn’t be difficult. 

But as we got older, we trend to make things complicated.  We always miss the simplest stuff.  Might be it’s due to our experiences.  We are no longer to handle or enjoy simple stuff.  That’s pity. 

More than one minute passed.  Have you sorted out the questions?  

Let’s see the answer.  Sure you would laugh how simple it is.  

Hope you are smiling and don’t take it too seriously.  

Slow down, refresh your mind, make it simple and keep smiling to have a better day ahead 😉


23 thoughts on “dare to take a test?

  1. I liked this. I was able to get #3 right. I couldn’t come up with an answer to the first one. For #2 I just resorted to making the = sign a not equals sign, and for #4 I drew three sides of a rectangle while using the preexisting line from the box around it as one side. I still think my answers made sense, even if they were wrong. :DThanks for sharing this.

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