A love story, continue

They knew each others through a dating site.  

The guy is living in Australia while the lady is living in Philippine. 

Not chatting long, the lady said she might get pregnant with her ex. who is married.  But she wouldn’t have abortion…….  Well, finally no babies.

After chatting online for several months, the guy had a chance to visit Philippine.  He spent one day with the family of that lady and one night with her.  That’s the first time they met in real………

A couple of months ago, the lady has moved to Australia finally.  Most people can guess how the story goes.  The lady is pregnant and they will get married next month.  It’s the third marriage for the guy.

Looks like age doesn’t matter.  They have 23 years age difference.

Looks like distance doesn’t matter.

Looks like language doesn’t matter.  The guy can’t speak Tagalog but he is learning hard.  The lady merely can speak English.  

I do hope this is a love story.  And they do love each others.  


Share this “love story” with you as today is the Spring Lantern Festival.  It’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day.   Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day ❤




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