The last day of year

Do you remember the last day of year? 

Sure I do as it was yesterday only.  Yes!  Yesterday was the last day of Year of the Dragon~~~~~

As custom, most people will go to Lunar New Year Market and “bring” some lucks home.  Go there to buy flowers or just have a walk to get the luck.  So most markets will be crowded.  I went to one which was less crowded but relatively small.   Here are some snap shots.  

Balloons.  It’s nothing to do with CNY (Chinese New Year) but kids love it.  So you found it everywhere.

Giant Mandarin.  It is popular as flowers, especially for those businessman.  Bigger Mandarin = earning bigger money 😛

And the green strip…..  Sorry the giant mandarin didn’t need it.  It was a strip from a balloon….. So many kids around.

Tulips, it’s not a flower for CNY but I love it.  So took a photo.   

Most popular flowers are peach blossoms which means loves and hopes.   Water Narcissus means lucky and prosperity.  

This one is special.  Can you see the umbrella at back?  It’s like a helmet.  A very special design.  Will you buy one?

Hehe must include this photo………. friends who know me will understand :P:P:P:P

And there were some booths for games like fishing…… Tried your luck and see if you could catch any.

Had a quick walk.  Finished in one and a half hour.   Then we went to a bar nearby and waited for the New Year to come.

A very good Belgian beer.  And a very funny wall decoration.  

Cheers for the New Year of The Snake.  

Hope an awesome one ahead for all.  xx



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