Coffee or Tea?


Normally, will start my day with coffee.  Was lucky freshly brewing coffee provided in the morning in office.  So no need to make it home in a rush.  After changing my job, water is the only drink provided by company.  So I compromised to have instant coffee in the morning except during off day or doing late shift.   Love the aroma, love the taste and smell it left in my mouth and on my lips, love it boosts my day.  

Today, day off again.  I felt so tired as was so busy over weekend at work.   Even worse, woke by sounds from school nearby in the morning.  Then had nightmares after falling back to sleep.  Didn’t feel good.   Open the cupboard and found green tea latte there.  Well, instant one.  Bought that from Okinawa.  Left it in cupboard and forgot.   Guess, I wanted something mild and smooth this morning.  It didn’t disappoint me.   Balance taste between green tea and milk.  Lovely.

Tea or coffee?  Which one you prefer?  Have a great new week ahead.  


12 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. While I don’t have anything against tea, I’m more of a coffee man. Can’t start my day without my mug of coffee.

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