“Sweet with romance” wrapping

Do you know what’s that?  Something sweet and lovely.  

Have you notice the special packaging?  There is a paper box at left hand side…….

My friend took off that paper box before giving it to me.  

So beautiful right?  “Sweet with Romance”!  That paper box on left was made to protect the flower.  

Not sure if chocolate or cake inside the box.  I can’t read Japanese and it is too beautiful to open it 😛

I had been to Tokyo many many many MANY years ago before Christmas.  Bought lot of gifts.  Japanese people do wrap gifts with heart.  Every gifts was wrapped in different way, i.e. tailor made wrapping!  I was so impressed.  

You know in Hong Kong, most department stores just put gifts in a pre-made paper bag.  Then put a sticker on it.  That’s it!  Not “wrapped” at all.   

Thanks for the lovely gift Shige san.  



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