“I love you” day

Only 16 days to go.  Are you ready?  

I am not talking about Chinese New Year.  I am talking about a day which most people in the world celebrate. Yes, Valentine’s day.

Happy to feel love around but not the overpriced meals, flowers and gifts.  

Regardless of price or time, which place you would like to spend with your love on that special day?  An quiet island in Maldives? A romantic place likes Paris?  A Busy city likes New York?

To me, any places with my special one will do.  Just want to be with him………EVERYDAY.

hehe but no troubles for me.  No lovers 😛  



7 thoughts on ““I love you” day

  1. No troubles for me either, since I don’t have any lovers, as well. I don’t think the place matters either, as long as I’m with the one I love. There are a lot of beautiful places one could be at, though! =)

  2. I ordered a gift card using bonus points for my wife.  That’s what she likes and nothing else.  I came into my boss’s office today and he showed me the hotel in Hong Kong where he was going to stay, using Google Earth.  “I thought you were going to our new office in Singapore?”   No, his plan was to stop on the way from Los Angeles to “rest up” for a day.  It’s good to be the boss.

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