that funny Chinese gal


What would you like to drink?

Your answer?






Any decision?

Once I visited a friend aboard.  He brought me to visit his friend’s family.   His friend asked me what I wanted to drink.  Just to be polite and didn’t want to bother them so much, I said hot water.   His friend asked me again “Are you sure you want water?”  I was so confused.  What’s wrong with asking for a cup of water?  I was really thinking about didn’t want to bother her, as she had three little kids to take care of.  So I asked for the most simple drink.

We had visited the same family twice.  And I asked for hot water.

Guess what?!  After that they refer me as ” That funny Chinese gal who asked for water”

What’s wrong with asking for a cup of water??????



10 thoughts on “that funny Chinese gal

  1. I looked at the drink choice list and smoke staring coming out of my ears…too many to choose from…argh! =)I’ve never heard a request for hot water. Clod water, yes, but not hot. Do you drink hot water, or do you use it to make something like tea? I’m a water drinker too, but I like water either at room temperature or slightly chilled.

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