Frustrated Sat

I work in a retail store.  Seldom have day off over weekend.  I have one today.  Sat off.  Yipppppppeeee

But I have gastroenteritis from yesterday.  What I did today is taking medicine and sleep.  So far I did able to take some milk and cereal.  Better than throwing everything I took as yesterday.

I planned to go to a friend’s place and had an early birthday celebration.  

But now I am alone home, feeling sick and weak.  And I need to force myself to eat something as have to work tomorrow.  

How frustrated………



4 thoughts on “Frustrated Sat

  1. this is terribly sad news. did the bear eat a ripened salmon, perhaps? well, she is always on the go. perhaps this is nature’s way of making her slow down for a day or two. that is an awesome picture, but i hope the bear gets better soon.

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