Keep warm

It’s freezing~~~~~~~

Don’t want to do anything except hibernate …………… I believe I am a bear lol

How to stay warm?

Wear hat?

Wear scarf?

Wear layers of clothes?

Stay under the sun?

Take vodka?

Or or or or………….

Cuddle with someone? 😉

Guess you know the answer.

Stay warm all.  Hugs


10 thoughts on “Keep warm

  1. @MichellelyNg – I am not looking for anymore celebrities! LOL! Just Xangans – with back dimples! Who will post a picture of their dimples – maybe with a sign that says XANGA! No one has been brave enough to do it yet! Even though it is only the back.

  2. That’s a well wrapped bear. =)I’m not a big fan of the cold either. I wish there was a way to save up the really hot days so we could use that heat in the cooler months.

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