What should I do?



Morning time,

Most people are rushing to work, rushing to send kids to school, rushing to stock suppliers.  It’s busy time no matter what.

I would be busy at sleeping if had late shift the day before…………….

Ding Dong!!!! Ding Dong!!!!!!

oh did I forget to turn off the alarm?!

Covered my head with bed sheet.

Ding Dong!!! Ding Dong!!!!

oh shit!  It’s door bell.  Someone at door.

Should I answer the door when I was in pjs with a terrible sleepy in bed look?!  

What should I do?  


9 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. muster thatstrength to be caught not at your bes and see what comes your way! why? because, when you’re a politiciansorwifeyouwill not get that luxurery toto be caught unprimpt even at 3 am

  2. So??? Who was at the door.  I turn my phone to silent and I don’t answer the door if I am trying to sleep.  I am lucky now that my front door is behind a gate and well back from that gate. Except the dogs bark if some one is at gate or on the road so now I wear ear plugs and sleep much better. 

  3. I wouldn’t answer the door but not because of how I look.  If it was important, the person at the door should have called first!  If it was important and I didn’t answer than they should have come to the door.  And so on, and so forth! 

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