Only half month to go

Are you ready?

Cards, gifts, parties arrangement, dresses, heels should all are prepared?

So what’s left?

All done?

I have never had a Christmas tree.  I saw it in cartoon and in photos a lot though.  Well, helped to decorate Christmas tree (faked one) in office.  Put empty boxes which wrapped nicely under the tree.  That’s it.  It doesn’t count.  I dream of decorating a real one and put real gifts under the tree.  hehe all real gifts for me lol

But I can’t afford a real Christmas tree as I lived in a small apartment.  I don’t have places to “hide” my tree after Christmas.  So………….

I have used colorful light bulbs to make one.  It blinks in the dark.  My D.I.Y Christmas tree is lovely.  Just need gifts to place under it ………….



3 thoughts on “Tannenbaum

  1. That’s lovely! I’m thinking of buying a small Xmas tree for my class. Same here – I never had one in my life. Kids will be excited and of course I have room to in the class to ‘hide’. lol!

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