One is living in France and the other is living in NZ.  Almost 12000miles away.

But the fate let them meet each others.

They fall in love though there is a huge age gap between them.  The lady is 15 years older than the young man.

Holiday finished, they are tortured by long distance love.   But distance makes their love stronger.  And makes them want to be with each others more.

One day, the lady found a surprise email when she back from work.  That email made her in tear…………………………………………

She found a return E-tickets (between France and NZ) in her mail box.   It was an awesome early Christmas gift.  They will celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve together in France.   How sweet. 

So distance, age, race, language….. don’t matter if love there. 

Hope they are going to have a wonderful holiday and more and more luck and love are coming their way.

And hope love makes you all stronger as well. 




6 thoughts on “Love

  1. mmm, I did that, Canada and Australia. It was great for 4 years.I should write a few blog posts about that one day maybe, although my blog is literally built on top of that relationship for the past few years.

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