early morning 

Was Saturday early morning in Central area

Air was wet after shower

Wandering on street as it was too early to go to work

No makeup, no mini skirt, no high heels

No shoulders hitting

No stepping on foot

No aroma of freshly brewing coffee

Nothing like my dreams.  The dreams of working in central business district. 





8 thoughts on “dreary?!

  1. You must have woken up early that day! I grew up in HK and have been back a couple times since. I can relate to your dream of dressing up smartly, walking swiftly to work with coffee in hand. It’s just a stereotypical view of what a successful young adult in HK is!Reality can be so different though. But that’s okay, it’s no fun growing up to be a cookie cutter type of person anyway!

  2. @XtremePsionic – wow you grew up in Hong Kong!  Hope you had good memories.  I used to wear dress and high heels to work.   And I love high heels as most women do.  Due to the dress code of my new job which I has joined a month ago, no more dress, no more high heels…………..  It’s a bit difficult for me :P:P:P  Well, I am not a young adult anymore lol 

  3. @MichellelyNg – lol, just an adult then? I suppose I can call myself that as well by age, but I really don’t look/feel/act “old” 🙂 Not yet!HK was interesting, I was quite rebellious when I was young and the rigid way teachers treated kids didn’t suit me very well. I only have a few friends I keep in touch now in HK.Must be hard for you not to dress the way you want! I’m the opposite of you, I don’t dress very well to work and they don’t demand us to dress well either 😛

  4. @XtremePsionic – hehe I think Asian looks a bit younger than their real age :P:P:P  My heart is always like a kid…….HK educational system has lot of room to improve.  Definitely need to give more room for students to develop themselves.  Anyway, I was born and grown up here.  I enjoy the freedom.  I enjoy travel ing whenever I wanted.  Well, if I have enough money lolI didn’t always dress up at work, only if had appointments with clients.  But I could wear whatever I felt comfortable and I like.  Now, just have restrictions and have to fit in company culture……Happy that you can wear what u prefer at work.  Happy Friday =) 

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