boost happiness


Birds reminded me time to get up.

Had a morning walk in a park nearby.  Enjoyed much more birds’ singing.  Smelled the green. Felt relax and walked like dancing. 

Fresh air made me smile. 

Took oats with banana as breakfast before going to work.  Simple and easy.

Filling glass with water and put it on desk.  8 glasses of water per day?  No problems at all.  H2O keeps skin young and vibrant.

What was for lunch?  How about chicken salad sandwich?   Kiwi, strawberries and spinach mixed smoothie for drink?

So sleepy after lunch.  Might be walnut snack could help.

I didn’t like hot food much but a little bit of pepper can always made me eat more. 

Had a hot tub before going to bed.  Added some epson salt there.  Washed away pressure and kept me calm. 

Just an ordinary day right?  But elements for boosting happiness are around. 

Well, happiness is from within.  So keep smiling and be positive.  Love yourself and others.  Look at mirror.  Are you smiling? 

Who said difficult to have a cheerful day? 



25 thoughts on “boost happiness

  1. I’m actually learning Chinese Mandarin right now, I listen to tapes everyday on my way to work.So far I can say a few things.  Since I also know Japanese, I am familiar with how to write Kanji because the Japanese stole the Kanji from you guys long ago–lol.At any rate, I wish I had a sexy ass Chinese teacher to help me practice my kanji.我非常爱你:DMock

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