Follow the logic

It’s easy for me to change from a full time worker to a full time holiday goer.

So, it should be same easy to have shift work instead of office work. 

I do believe my logic 😛


4 thoughts on “Follow the logic

  1. @XtremePsionic – hey, I did shift work a 7 years ago for 4 years. Was ok as I was young lol.  And no over night shift needed.  That’s not too bad for health right?  I enjoy having off day during week days.   But have to get over again to work during public holiday……

  2. @MichellelyNg – oh no night shifts, then it’s not so bad 🙂 Working during holidays sucks sometimes, but I don’t have many friends and relatives anyway so it’s alright for me. I love going out and do things on weekdays and not having to fight with other people though!

  3. @XtremePsionic – usually Sunday is family day for us.  Day to meet parents, bros and sister in law.  That’s the only problem working over weekend or public holiday I have to come over.  But will visit parents during off days and keep them busy lol 

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