drunk calls


Was happy to get a call from you.  But after a few chats, knew that you were drunk,

You said you had quit drinking.  So what made you drink again?  You even asked me to drink with you next time.   What’s wrong?  My mind was full of questions and concerns. 

I was worried.   But you were so far away. 

Felt relief that you were home.    Hope you would feel better after a good sleep.

And hope you would tell me what bothering you.

I appreciated you have called me even it was a drunk call.


18 thoughts on “drunk calls

  1. @MichellelyNg – i have made a couple of those calls, and a few text also.  even a few emails.  lol  thinking about me?? well i guess it is nice, but they always seem to say they are sorry when they sober up.  lol

  2. @buddy71 – haha good boy.  I never made any drunk calls as normally I would be sleepy when drunk lol  hmm  u are right.  Most of them do say sorry for the drunk calls when they got sober.  Well, I believe some truth on what they had said :P:P:P

  3. @MichellelyNg – i am more likely to just go to sleep when drunk.  lol  and when drunk i dont act crazy etc.booze is booze to me.  i dont drink bad stuff so if i do get drunk it is what i like to drink.  it is not uncommon for me to go through drinking phases. drink for a bit and then not drink for a long time. but i can drink a full bottle of wine without being “drunk”

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