who’s fault?!


He told her he was married when they first met

His hands kept staying on her back and thighs

She pushed him away when he kissed her

Then, he asked if he could kiss her

Kiss is always the trigger of LUST

She felt guilty as she let him kiss her and did more

Who’s fault?

12 thoughts on “who’s fault?!

  1. It depends on what is defined as “fault”. The guy is married, and unless he has an open relationship with his wife, he is clearly in the wrong as he is being unfaithful.For the woman, she isn’t bound by any relationship contract so it’s really a question or religious values, morals, or just general ethics.If she were the type of person who has no moral or ethical conflicts, then she could make the argument that he’s the one crossing the line, not her. However, this person in particular feels guilty, which means she’s going against her own moral code. So the argument could be made that she feels she is doing something wrong – but continued to do it, giving her some of the blame.Ultimately though, he is the married guy breaking his vows, not her.

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