It’s flying from somewhere far away

Light but heavy

It’s not merely a card.

It’s sending with loves

It’s sending with my thoughts of you

Love to let you know I was thinking of you even traveling somewhere

You are so important to me, my dearest friends.




33 thoughts on “Postcard

  1. this reminds me, i had one from you in my mail box the other day and i forgot to thank you.  it was nice to get a post card form you.  thank you!!!!

  2. @buddy71 – hey hey, you are most welcome.  As a nice guy as you, sure you got lot of snail mails and postcards.  Thanks for the postcard and cards you sent me as well.  You are so sweet.  Enjoy the rest of night.  Big hugs

  3. COFFFEE the adult beverage my tai don’t excite you enough how about a mai tai latte? orange with almond syrups not too sweet! just enough  in a latte.  you’ll look sheek as orange and almond combine for an appley taste which while not passion fruit but appley is how I was taught what a mai tai was 😀 and mmmmm a mai tai lattee or if you want be really bold? skip the latte and get an esspresso sans milks.

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