Sunrise at Alishan, Taiwan

Got up at 3 am

Was freezing cold.  Around 10 degree celsius.

A summer t- shirt + a Paddington sweater + a jumper plus two trousers couldn’t make me feel warmer

Air was chilling and thin.  Might be was at over 2000m height.

couldn’t walk fast.  was catching my breath.

Alishan train

Took a small OLD train up the mountain.   I like this train.  It fits the forest much.

Arrived at top around 4:50am  Sunrise time at 5:25am

Wish could have someone to cuddle against the chilling wind!

Had a cup of hot ginger tea.  Tasty and warm my body. 

Sunrise was so quick and strong.  I couldn’t catch it even with my sunglasses on. 


Anyway, we were lucky.  Was raining so much.   Being told it was the second day in June which could see sunrise. 

Sunrise is a moment.  After the moment, it’s the sun only.  Not the same at all.

Hope you caught the moment you wanted to catch.


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