one afternoon in a thousand


What were you doing on Thursday afternoon?

What you prefer to do in the afternoon?

Guess working hard is not the most popular choice.

Had a friend visit for a day.  Yes, a day only.  What a short trip.

My friend wanted to go to island.  We picked Cheung Chau. 

Rushing to Central after morning work. Then took a ferry to Cheung Chau


See my excited friend?  😉

Had a late lunch after renting bicycles there.  Believe it or not?!  First time riding bicycle there….


Didn’t feel like to eat anything.  Stomach was not well again.  Might be was too rush or something.   Wanted to throw up.

But still we ordered something delicious……………


It looked tasty as well right?

My friend liked it much 😛


Found a nice beach and place to rest in between rides.


Time flied.  Had to get back for the flight at night.

Well, stolen time for coffee at Central.


Then bye bye my friend.  Thanks for the rush visit.  Thanks for the gifts.  



Lovely flowers and yummy snack. 


Hope will meet up again soon =)


12 thoughts on “one afternoon in a thousand

  1. 🙂 cool! oh and may I thank you for the rec’d beer hoegaarden.  mmm 😀 I got some because of ignorance you influence. 😀  and it was yummy.  would you be a darling and help the foreigner cook identify your lunch… I’m sorry that I do not know all dishes by sight and they look very yummy :D.  glad you and beer had a time :D.

  2. @starmanjones – hey, you had tried Hoegaarden?!  nice one right?  hahahaa only three dishes there for lunch.  most are the most common one.  Well, beef with stir fried noodle, sweet and sour pork, salted fish and eggplant in a pot =)  Cheers for weekend my foreigner cook lol

  3. @MichellelyNg – lol. 😀 I would have liked it if there was a better quality one but I picked that as it was the old mtv/cmt type vid.  🙂 you have any memory type songs? 😀  a truer memory song is on the way to the lake for a family reunion where I can’t say whitey didn’t go lobster I got a literaly crisp of a sunburn was sick for days … I remember my uncle caught me a lift there and the future hits was the syndicated radio show of that afternoon and after a dead skunk in the middle of the road…stinkin to high heaven….which was NOT the song but a song and a funny one by lauden wainwright 3 – the song cherish – kool and the gang was the next future hit.  I remember the solarcain well as it was the kool I needed oi 2nd degree burns fron the sunshine not fair!.  laterskin throat oi. not my “year” lolthat week I recouped they ditched me for a movie- I always got ditched was a bit sad so grandmom drug me out strep throat and all to the better movie- disney’s the jungle book. 😀 😉 yeah big burns all that summer 😀

  4. @MichellelyNg –  too much to admit to :D- not all memories are for public consumption.  or hey, maybe you can find a new magical your song 😀 never know. night night for me – for nap part two – mmm on your ood choices I may have to fight back with more of mine to temp you! 😛

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