Travel alone, pros and cons



1) totally free

You can do whatever you prefer. No need to consider your partner.  You can sleep in.  You can stay up all night.  No one interfered.

2) flexible

Always can keep changing your plan

3)  remember the trip better

have to sort out problems yourself.  have to remember roads and names or you would get lost.

4) looks cool

especially when a woman travel alone 😛


1)  No one to share

No matter you are excited or disappointed.  No one shares

2) Eat alone

Don’t mind eating alone.  But if you are with someone, can share more food.

3) more expensive

No hotel and air flight ticket package for single traveler.  Higher cost. 

4) No one helps to take photos

That could be a big issue!

Do you like travel alone?


7 thoughts on “Travel alone, pros and cons

  1. “Do you like travel alone?”   yes and no and for all the reasons you gave above.   i will add one…if traveling with someone, you can have sex in places you never have or may never again. that is of course if you are traveling with someone that you can have sex with.  lol  

  2. @buddy71 – hmm.. a bit confused. First, you don’t have to travel to have new places for sex 😛  How about going to a new pub or a new “friend’s” place?  Second, the one you have sex with no need to be your travel partner lol Am I right? 😉

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