ups and downs


Found your heart sinking?

Something on your chest pressing and couldn’t breath?

You soul lost direction? 

Please remember.  Heart bumps up and down.

It won’t go up forever.  So as it won’t go down forever. 

When you feel down, please don’t forget something ahead is cheerful. 

Your heart pounds up and down.  You should be happy as you are living by having a pounding heart =)

Let me check your heart?  😛


18 thoughts on “ups and downs

  1. I like this! It’s a good reminder that the downs of life don’t last forever. It is true, and a rule of life, that nothing lasts forever. So, we should cherish the good, and enjoy it while we have it. And, not let the bad get to us too much, for that too shall pass. Great post! =)

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