eggs or bunnies?


Do you celebrate Easter holiday? 

I am not.  But I do like the public holiday, three days in a row.   And remember making Easter eggs while in primary school or even younger.  So cute.  Can’t remember what I have drawn on eggs.  Guess it was a rainbow or just wrapped a ribbon there. 

Apart from public holiday, I like bunnies too.  Had tried to keep bunnies as pets.  White fur with red eyes, long ears.  Easy to catch.  Look so tidy and clean. 

So what you prefer?  Are you hunting eggs or bunnies? 

I think bunny girls are always hot and attractive 😛

Have a great Easter holiday.  Cheers

btw, there is a real bunny in picture.  Can you find it?  =P


9 thoughts on “eggs or bunnies?

  1. i dont celebrate.  i just look forward to this time of the year for the mildness of the weather and that things are green.but i prefer to chase the “bunnies”   😛

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