6 ways to =)

6 ways 

1) Don’t Hate

I am the kind of person who can like others easily but if I don’t like someone, it is difficult to change it back to LIKE!  Thought might not be hate but I do have lots of dislikes.  Please don’t turn on my dislike button. 

I admit, I failed on this point.

2) Don’t Worry

I think too much, too details.  Learning to let thing go with flow naturally.

I got half point on this.

3) Live Simply

Well, simply enough. Always avoid complicated things lol

4) Expect Less

Will you move on if not expecting anything. Knew that there won’t be disappointment if no expectation. But it is always a kind of motivation?

Might be expect less from others but not on oneself.

5) Give More

Good point. Just like you can’t enjoy love if you don’t give it to others. Happiness is something about sharing. Like it.

6) Scatter Sunshine

Right. Sunshine is always cheerful. Let me bring you some 😛

Any hints to happiness?

Hope you are having a happy weekend. Cheers,


24 thoughts on “6 ways to =)

  1. 1) Don’t HateI’m a hater and it makes me happy.2) Don’t WorryEveryone worries at one point.3) Live SimplyNo such a thing as simplicity, where I live.4) Expect LessYes. Higher expectations = disappointments5) Give MoreOnly to those who deserve.6) Scatter SunshineWhat the ****?

  2. Expect less, but notice when you get more. People love a grateful person.  And scatter sunshine. Hard to do, but focusing on helping someone else and making their life better typically has the added benefit of giving you some perspective and making your life a little better, too.

  3. I like this list! Not as easy to execute it though. Just have to try our best though.I think one key to happiness is to be yourself. I think it’s hard to be happy if you’re always pretending to be something you’re not. Other people may not like you, but I think it’s better than being liked for something you’re not.

  4. uh, you see, … years ago when I attended an east coast university, the students used to say their goal was to evolve into a human being. My friend used to say, “Boring.  The hominids already did that thousands of years ago.  If you really want to impress me, evolve into a platypus.  Or maybe an owl or a chameleon.”Do you understand?  No, of course not.I am looking for illumination, an interface with evolving world human intelligence.

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