Sore throat, headache, chilling.  What to do except get plenty of sleep? You just can’t help but feel need to stay on bed as too exhausted. 

Here are some old remedies, might be worth to try

Irish remedy

Whiskey plus honey plus lemon.  Need to have it hot before going to bed.  Normally, I add some water there.  How much whiskey needed?  It depends on how quick you want to fall asleep lol 

German remedy

Hot beer, again drinking before going to bed.  Hot beer?!  Yes, it sounds awful.  And sure it tasted horrible.  hmm….. I don’t want to try that.  Anyway, no beer home 😛 What a nice excuse. 😛

Old people remedy

Add Lemon and salt in hot water.   I think salty water is good to soothe sore throat.   Lemon is full of Vitamin C. So seems it help.  This one simple enough. 

So what will I choose. Seems too obvious

Irish one. At least will have a good night sleep even if it didn’t work. Good night all. Need an early night. Really fragile. 

Hope you don’t need those remedies. Take good care.


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