who like spring?!


Is it like a scene in fairy tale?

A bridge over cloud?!

See part of ship at right bottom corner?  You should know the bridge is over water, not cloud.

What a misty day.  Hugged by fog.  Who like it?

Anyone like spring?  Anyone like it?

I can’t even list a point for loving spring. 

It’s cool, wet, grey and foggy………..

Air is heavy.  Sky is low.  Sun is hiding.  Everything soaked in water.  I wanted to expose like a volcano eruption.   Can’t breath…….. 

Who like spring?  Tell me a reason please.


4 thoughts on “who like spring?!

  1. i like spring as it is usually mild weather wise and not too hot.  it was very foggy this morning here and just so peaceful and quiet. plus things are blooming even though it bugs my allergies, i like to see the wild flowers.cool pic, michelle!!

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